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Palindrome Poetry : Tool of Surrealists

Surrealism is a derivative of Dadaism.

Dadaism believes in the deconstruction of the culture and man-made system.

Just deconstruct and examine reality.

Definite legacy of surrealism---Splicing the elements of reality ---Juxtaposition of image to create a new meaning--use it as a tool to change the old concept.

Surrealists use many tools, one of them is Palindrome Poetry.

Palindrome poetry is visual works of art. It creates a mirror image. They masterfully read the same backwards and forward. I have tried to write a Palindrome Poetry.

Suggestions are welcomed.

Milena asked him whether he love

Her --failed- Franz- fumbled--

Paper got burnt black

Years after--

Kafka unriddled


Behind black burnt pages

“ She is a living fire “

A living fire

Is she

Pages burnt behind--


Unriddled Kafka after years

Black burnt got paper

fumbled Franz failed her


Copyright@Dr Pragya Suman

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