Dr Pragya Suman is a doctor by profession,from Bihar , India. She has done specialisation in two subjects of medicine ,eye and pathology. Writing is her passion which she inherited from her father. Her Father late Triveni prasad yadav was a civil engineer by profession who always kept his library up to date. Her mother was a housewife and real motivator. Her husband Dr Bisheswar Kumar is also a doctor. She is the mother of a single daughter named Vatsalya.

Her poetries ,reviews and fiction  have been published in many magazines and anthologies. She has achieved a certificate of excellence from many literary forums including motivational strips.
Her poems are weekly broadcast from universal vision radio Mexico.
Recently she won the Gideon poetry award of summer 2020.

Her favourite writers are Franz Kafka, WB Yeats, Robert Frost and David Thanne Cornell.
She also writes short stories and reviews which have been published in many magazines and anthologies.
Surrealism ,  prose poetry, and free verse are her favourite genres.

Her poetry mentor is David Thanne Cornell, for him she has high regards.
She won the Gideon Award for the poem "Lost Mother".

Dr Pragya Suman's published articles are following

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Prose poem published in Two drops of ink

Winner of Gideon poetry prize summer 2020